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February 07 2016

Welcome to Renewal Enterprises!

We are a family owned and operated Wellness Solutions company dedicated to YOU and YOUR health, and exist to bring you the very best products at the very best prices!  We hope you enjoy using our new website, and would welcome any comments or questions you may have!

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Revitalizing Medicine

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Have you tried Oxytocin Factor?

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone released in your brain in moments of bonding, whether it’s maternally after childbirth or in moments of intimacy such as a hug, a kiss, or gentle eye contact. Your brain naturally regulates oxytocin’s release but prolonged stress, isolation, trauma, and the trappings of modern society’s go-go attitude prevent adequate oxytocin production in your body, leading to chronic health and wellness complications.


How can Oxytocin Factor help you?

People buy Oxytocin Factor ™ because it is specifically engineered to provide support to the brain’s natural production of oxytocin. Oxytocin Factor helps YOU reduce stress, helps to increase YOUR well-being, and generate relaxation, thereby helping to reduce or alleviate symptoms associated with autism, depression, anxiety, stress, and other chronic ailments afflicting millions of individuals every day. 

Oxytocin Factor offers a bio-identical, synthetic formulation of oxytocin in the form of sublingual drops and nasal spray.

Do I need more oxytocin?

Modern society puts tremendous stress on your body. Long work hours, juggling family and personal life obligations, and struggling to make ends meet flood the body with stress hormones. These stress hormones inhibit your body’s natural production of the natural stress-fighting hormone, oxytocin, and lead to the many diseases and disorders connected to stress.

Our body’s natural system for combating stress is over-worked and failing. Stress is stealing our joy and our health, and unless we do something to jumpstart our body’s natural means of defense we won’t be able to live our lives to the fullest.

Oxytocin Factor Nasal Spray and Sublingual Drops are designed provide your body with the additional oxytocin boost it needs and to support your body’s own natural oxytocin production.

Buy Oxytocin Factor for amazing results.

What can Oxytocin Factor do for me?

Oxytocin Factor may be exactly what you have been missing and what you need in your life.

This hormone affects our lives in so many ways that there are very few people in this would who wouldn’t benefit through supplementation.

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